Plywood Board

PVC Ceiling Panels, Ceiling Tiles, Vinyl Wall Cladding in China

PVC ceiling panel is a new material developed to meet the increasing demand of house ceiling. The traditional roofing was made by plywood. Vinyl or plastic ceiling panel and tiles is a good option for the ceiling because there are a lot of advantages if home builders use the vinly ceiling.

Here are the advantages of PVC Ceiling Panels

  • Water Proof
  • Fire Proof
  • Better Looking
  • Use Longer Time

pvc ceiling panels tiles

In such case, a lot of homes and buildings are converting to PVC Ceiling Panels for their projects. Our company is a supplier of PVC Ceiling Panels. In China it is more than a ceiling material. A new design vinyl sheet can be used for wall cladding in the decor. PVC wall cladding is more attractive in appearance with a lower price than other materials.

The market is promising for the product. As a result of economy growth, the plastic pvc wall panels are starting to replace the plywood in ceiling construction. The ceilings are becoming more colorful and durable with the introduction of plastic wall claddings. Our multiple factories in China make us the leading supplier of pvc wall cladding in China so far. Currently we are recruiting partners worldwide. If you are a ceiling material dealer please don’t hesitate to contact us for business.