Plywood Manufacturer

Plywood is a versatile wood based panel manufactured with veneers and bond. Our company is a plywood factory and manufacturer located in China.  Our location gives us a natural advantage in this business both in material supply and shipment. The main product of ours is commercial, film faced and packaging plywood.

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Plywood Industry in China

The industry is highly competitive with so many players in the business. According to Chinese governments data, there are more than 3000 plywood mills in Linyi, Xuzhou, Hebei, Zhejiang in total. Most of these factories are small and medium companies with employees less than 100. Recent pollution crackdown on manufacturers has given a lot of pressure on the business.

Energy has turned to natural gas from coal, which is cheaper in price and easy to use. The natural gas is much more expensive with unstable supply. Veneers and film are hard to get due to factory update.

Our Expertise

Our company is specialized in supplying high quality hardwood veneered plywood and film faced plywood to the market. Have earned a reputation for good quality and good service.